Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How Supervillains See the World: An Exercise in Description by Lenitschka

The exercise: Look at a landscape, describe it through the eyes of a character, but do not describe the scene. My assignment from Dima - a super villain from another galaxy who has just arrived on earth to kill everyone and suck dry all our natural resources.

Magnificent, wasn’t it? The power of it, the majesty, the sheer volume that lay before me.

A radiant yellow light glazed the surface below, another example of the sheer force of this place. Such a light could cause weaker men to collapse, or even burn, but not I.

You could feel it everywhere. I could hear it churning in the ground far below; raw and ready for the first person who could harness it. Such minerals to be wasted on mere mortals.

I could feel it whipping across my face with a harshness that left weaker beings cowering. The air looked still, but this far above it never stopped moving.

The mighty rocks stood far above the rest, just as I did; another symbol of power. Tall and immovable, until now that is.





Mine for the taking.

Mine to use, mine to burn up and leave nothing behind like a corpse; nothing left but the bones. I could see it in my dreams a memory of worlds before; a dried up hole in the ground, a few crumbling, barren rocks; a lifeless place. As still as it seemed now, I could picture a quieter scene, an emptier scene. One where all the light, all the life, and all the power, would be mine.

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