Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The bubbles raised above the murky surface. The steam swirled above me head. With careful practice i lowered a vial into the strange concotion.
It began to bubble fiercly and then began to settle. Yes it's working. Finally my years of studies have paid off. This solution once
fully settled will be able to counter act my ageing process so that i will love forever. I just need to drink this potion once every full moon and
immortality is mine. My years of heartbreak will be over. No more will i be bound to this mortal realm. I could become a king in a grand kingdom.
Or a wizard learned in all arcane arts. Even a master smith or craftsman. Or i could delve into the studies of swordplay and cavalry and become
a knight. Or i could do them all. With time on my side no one can stop me except for myself. Since i alone know the counter solution. And i alone guard it sealed inside
my body. And the only way to get that is to kill me which is impossible since im immortal. Hahahaha Yes my plan is perfect. I can do all the things i dreamed about when i was a kid.
And the one thing which my parents never wanted me to be. A baker. Yes my dreams filled of sweats, tarts, pies, and many other delicious things to fill a hungry mouth.
I will be able to learn how to craft my desires to forge my cake. And construct my dreams into reality. Oh yes i will be able to bake until i can longer bake no more
and then bake when i wake up and bake until sun down.

I saw that the potion had slowed. Finally it was ready. I giggled as i dipped my cup into the puce coloured soquid. I almost dropped my cup into my cauldron in my giggling fit.
I dont know if giggling changed the mixture so i tried to contain myself. I put the horrible smelling soquid to my lips. And then i almost puked it smelt horrible. This every month.
This is more of an eternal nightmare than immortality. I plugged my nose and swallowed a tiny bit. My stomach started swirling. Like something was growing inside. I went over to the
banister and spewed the horrible precious puce coloured soquid into the nights cool air. The drops almost froze on there way to the ground. Which was partly on the outside temperature
and partly the height of the large tower i was in.

I remembered why i had came so far. My wife died three years ago and ever since i wanted to make a potion of immortality. So that i would not have to disappoint my loved ones. I would never
have to see there sad faces as i succumbed to the effects of old age. i would never have to lay bed ridden for months or longer un able to do the things i loved.

No I will drink this potion for myself and for my family. I put my game face on which was also a frowny face because the smell of the potion by now was horrible. I walked over. I dipped my
cup again into the soquid. And i chugged it down. And then nothing.

But not for long. Then i was thrown onto the ground. And i woke up in my bed. My children were all around me. I knew something was wrong. And when i looked down. I realised that something
in the potion must have gone wrong. Because instead of stopping me from ageing it increased my ageing. I was a shrivelled old man. I tried to scream but my voice box didn't seem to work.
They realized i was panicking but then just as i was about to write down the last ingredient that needed to be added to the potion to reverse its effects. My heart gave out and i died.

Noooo. Even though my desire to see my wife again would be fulfilled. I would never get to be a baker. At least my child caleb showed interest in baking. Maybe one day. Maybe

His wounded heart was healed but his dreams were broken forever. Because caleb never really showed promise to become a baker.

The end

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