Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bad Poetry - The Worst One (by Sasha)

Board Games
Twas night when
The players
Turned to the board
A simple game
A game
Of destiny
To which
Their destinies
Would be aligned
And then
They shall be
One could say
One might say
One could possibly
In a small corner of the mind
Corner of the mind
Make an assumption
A misunderstanding
A grievous
Over the course
Of the great
The powerful
The mighty
The mysterious
The one and only Game
Or simply over
The course
Unknown and unfamiliar
Full of twists
Of turns and exits
And freeways that go nowhere
Spiralling through the desert
In rural Arizona
Of the greater
The larger
The more beautiful and more incomprehensible
The error
The sin
The absolutely
Unforgiveably irreparable
Would be to think
To ponder
To imagine even
That the game
The board
The players
The air
The night
The story
Were not irrevocably
Completely unequivocally
As the sun remains
Fixed in space
In the Void
In the emptiness
With us
Revolving around it
As are
To this the one
The only
The mysterious
The mighty
The Game

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