Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Flash Fiction with these two words

Orator- A skillful public speaker.

A small bead of sweat slowly worked its way down my face. I stood up it was my turn now. I walked over to the small podium and gazed out among the crowd, while dabbing my forehead with my handkerchief. It was my time now. I was a skillful orator maybe even formidable. But my last opponent gave out candy. How could I beat that, but then it came to me. A thundering speech would not put me in power today no only my sick electronica dance moves can win the day. I signalled to my DJ and I put on a show that seemed as if it stopped time itself. An earthquake happened in Arizona that day closing the Grand Canyon forever because the earth felt that it was not as wondrous as my dance moves. And after I won my class debate. 

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