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'Little Freddie Mischief' by Nikolai

Little Freddie Mischief

The lad was frolicking  in the field running towards the girl with golden locks.  Oh how they loved to prance hand in hand.  "Tee-hee" what fun! This is the life, finally escaped from our parents, running away as best of friends.  Now what shall they do, why of course, prance with the butterflies.

"Wow, Jack look at all the beautiful colours on the butterfly wings."

"Yes are they not wonderful Jill?"

"What are we doing here on the ground? Let's fly towards the golden rays of the sun."

To their surprise as she said this, they, both of them felt their weight lift and suddenly they were floating. Walking on air......'How did this happen?' They both thought to themselves.

"Is this not awesome? Flying has been something I have dreamed of all my life Jill."  

Meanwhile, what the two of them did not know is that there was a sneaky little man. He lived for one purpose, and one purpose alone which was to make children get lost.  Why would he do such a thing to children?  Well, because the only joy he had ever learned to enjoy from life was taught to him by his very evil mother. She taught him that their kind, his family in particular, had a very particular genetic trait that allowed them to feed on the feelings people have when they miss someone.  And when they used this ability, they gained magical powers.  Little Freddie Mischief was his name, and stealing children was his game.  He did not necessarily need to keep the children for himself. In fact, that would be quite imprudent, because he would just have to waste his precious magic baby-sitting.  So he simply made sure the children became lost and would never be able to find their way home.

That morning Little Freddie Mischief had snuck into the houses of Jack and Jill. One after the other he had placed magic beans into the baked beans that Jill's father had made for her, and the porridge that Jack's mother had made for him.

Little did those two tots know that their breakfasts were ticking time bomb's leading to the joy of flying.

"Yippee I love flying too Jack. Let's go to the mountains to the east, my Dad says that there are mysterious creatures there and that I should never go there. Since we can fly today we can fly away from any creature and be back before dinner."

"My mother has never told me that, but she has told me that there is a great big tree to the south that is unclimbable."

"Whoa, Unclimbable? Let's go there."


Little did these two best friends know that the tree had been planted by Little Freddie Mischief's mother, Mrs. Jabber Krumpit. It was a trap for curious children who would find it irresistible with new found flying powers. It had fed both her and Little Freddie Mischief on multiple occasions.  

Jack and Jill, traveled towards the bottom of the hill where the giant tree stretched towards the heavens. They landed on the ground in front of it. It didn't really look like a tree. It was more like a mesh of green vines stretching straight up into the clouds and beyond.

"Shall we go up, Jill" he said with a big smile on his face.

"Yes, let's"  Nodding in agreement.

They shot straight up, off the ground, almost up to the clouds.  Then as they were approaching the clouds there started to be lightning, violent lightning. A freak storm! What had just happened?

Little Freddie Mischief had been watching the children and holding this storm from forming using his magic.  But he had been strangely distracted by some music he had never heard before, it was beautiful.

"This is my favorite song Dear, Beethoven was a genius, and the pastoral symphony one of his greatest works." Little Freddie heard a man say in his head.

"Yes, I agree Dear. I love it!" Replied a woman's voice. "I am so happy to hear this magical music to go along with our magical day."

Was Little Freddie Mischief going crazy? He had been at this magic thing for a long time, but he had never heard voices speaking nonsense in his head before and neither random beautiful music.  Maybe this was a side effect of eating too much sorrow.  His mother, Mrs. Jabber Krumpit, had at times seemed crazy, so could it be that he would share her same fate?

He had let his concentration waver, allowing his magic to waver. And the weather forecast had said that a crazy lightning storm was ahead for that day. So, because his magic was no longer maintaining the good weather instantly the lightning started.  This foiled Little Freddie Mischief's plans for dinner that night.

"Maybe we should go home the weather is not good Jack."

"Ok, but we should try again tomorrow. I am getting hungry for some dinner, flying is tiring."

So they flew home, and frolicked some more this time taking giant flying steps through the fields in front of their house. Home at last.

Jack and Jill walked into their own respective homes. Their parents had both been widowed years before. As Jack walked into his house he was surprised that his mother wasn't home.

"Jack come to my house." Jill called from across the street. He ran across the street. Walked in the door and saw that Jill's father was holding a lute. Trying to pluck out a beautiful little tune, his mother sitting very close to him. 

"Both of you didn't finish your breakfast this morning, and we went on a magical journey together, we went to the 19th century, listened to Beethoven's 6th symphony, and fell in love.  You are brother and sister now, because we married there. We are a family now".

"Yipee!" exclaimed Jack and Jill in unison.

"We are trying to figure out Beethoven's 6th Symphony on the lute."

What Little Freddie Mischief didn't know about the magic beans he gave which made children fly is that when adults ingest them they get to travel through time and actually get to spend quite a bit of time in another time. Indeed enough time to fall in love.  Then they are brought back to the moment they had left.

If only Little Freddie Mischief had been taught by his mother to eat love as a little boy, because then he would not have gone to bed hungry that night.

Written by Nikolai

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