Monday, September 16, 2013

Love, after a season - by Kolya

This is the revised version of a poem I wrote some time ago (outside café-chi).  It is now in iambic pentameter, and officially follows the pattern of a Shakespearean Sonnet.  I am proud of myself, and where better to show and share then the writing club blog?  So, here it is:

Love, after a season

A summer once abided in my heart,
So warm and indescribably serene
A moment weak and ripe for Cupid’s dart
Which innocence could never have foreseen.

Like autumn’s shadow, love brought with it change
Inspiring beauty, colour and contrast
A novelty so crisp, intense and strange
Surreal and dreamlike, how long would it last?

Then callous winter came with biting frost,
My heart, so stung and pained from bitter cold
Absconded; broken, bleeding, bruised and lost
Is presently in winter’s numbing hold

You’ve come, the dawning rays of spring, I know.
My heart recoils, it cannot yet let go.

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